Tree Diagram for PowerPoint

  • Tree Diagram with 4 Hierarchy Levels and 2 Branches
  • 4 Levels Tree Diagram Design for PowerPoint
  • Two Branches PowerPoint Tree Diagram

Tree Diagram template for PowerPoint contains simple tree diagram slides in PowerPoint that you can use to represent Org Chart or decision trees for your PowerPoint presentations.

Tree diagrams created with PowerPoint shapes can be easily edited to match your desired org chart structure or highlight nodes and edges in order to help visualize certain areas of the tree. Custom colors can be used to highlight the edges and nodes in order to empathize important nodes that you want people to pay more attention during a PowerPoint presentation.

The tree template for PowerPoint contains five useful slide designs with different tree layouts and structures and containing different levels. You can use the tree diagram to show hierarchical data in a PowerPoint presentation or to make decision trees or probability trees.