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Everyone in the organization is obliged to stay on the same page to understand the immense as well as the minutest details of processes. SlideModel is capable of presenting Process Map Templates PowerPoint that will let you analyze the whole block of the processes step by step. It will figure out where the system is having glitches and breaking down. The team of SlideModel Professionals have designed outstanding Process Mapping Templates which is so much more than a graphic intrigue. At SlideModel, you will find a top collection of Process Mapping PowerPoint Templates.

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A Process Map is an excellent tool for analyzing tasks that will improve an Organization’s working environment and it’s tasks flow. The sole purpose of Process Mapping is to understand activities carried out within an Organization and improve it’s efficiency. With a professional process map ppt template, activities involved in Repetition, Bottlenecks and Delays will be identified and can be tackled for improvement or substitution.

For large Organizations Process Mapping is generally carried out by external consultants in conjunction with Auditing areas. For smaller organizations process mapping can be executed by a group of employees with access to all areas. It is important that in either case, the team carrying out the mapping is able to access all internal processes without restriction.

What is Process Mapping ?

Through Process Mapping, an Organization can Map (identify) all the activities carried out to execute their purpose.
For the mapped activities, process mapping also identifies the responsible (person or area) for the execution, achievement and control of them.

What is a Process Map PowerPoint Template ?

There are different levels of Process Maps, depending on the granularity of the analysis. A Process Map Template with the lowest level of granularity will show an Organization, broken down in areas, and the high level processes involved. While drilling down, the level of details increases, so each Area is broken down in internal processes, then processes into activities, etc. The Process Map Templates has slides with process diagrams that describe the above. Creating a process map in PowerPoint is easy. Just replace the content of the template with your processes and activities.

How can a Process Map PowerPoint Template be used in a presentation?

Depending on the audience, is how the presenter will choose to use the process map template PowerPoint. For an executive audience, the presenter will select a process map template of lowest level of detail, to describe the overall map, then will just drill down in the activities that will require changes. Finally It will show KPI’s to describe improvements.
For an Operative audience, the presenter will describe captured activities and will describe the analysis of each of them to discuss actions.

What is the Essential Guide to Business Process Mapping?

Start breaking down your organization into areas. Each area has a group of processes that they carry out. For each Area, list the processes and their relationships. For each Process list the Activities involved within them and their relationships. Finally , for each activity list the inputs and outputs and connect the activities. This is the basic activity mapping. Once you have mapped all activities, you can start analyzing their behavior (input, people, resources, execution time, output) and determine if it is performing as expected or if it needs to be optimized.

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