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The incredible RASCI Model PowerPoint Template presents one of the important project management strategies. The RASCI model, often known as responsibility matrix is a process of assigning responsibilities to resources in project or process. Further, the matrices in this PowerPoint model template assist the users to display individuals or jobs in the task. This PowerPoint presentation is design for learning purpose to train company staff or educate business students. The RASCI is an acronym for Responsibility, Accountable, Support, Consulted and Informed. Basically, the segments of RASCI model assist the project team to map the responsibilities against the roles. The purpose of every segment of management methodology is as follow

  • Responsible – Person who will complete the task or activity
  • Accountable – Who oversees the progress and answerable for performance of task
  • Support – A person or a system which assist the responsible person during the implementation of project or process
  • Consulted – Internal or external resource to provide consultation on how to perform certain tasks in effective and efficient manner
  • Informed – An effective communication plan to update the mandatory stakeholders about the progress.

This 11-slide useful RASCI Model PowerPoint Template is a pre-design training presentation on Roles and Responsibilities. However, there are three additional slides of RASCI responsibility matrix. This matrix displays a table of roles and responsibilities in terms of work and deliverables breakdown structures. The rest of the slides contain interactive graphics to visually illustrate the 5 segments of the RASCI model diagram.

The Roles and Responsibilities template for PowerPoint (RASCI PowerPoint template) shows individual segments in the shape of user icon silhouette of assorted colors. Although the RASCI model PowerPoint template is editable and enable various design customizations. For instance, the colors and sizes of PowerPoint objects can modify quickly. This Roles & Responsibilities presentation template surely helps demonstrating the roles and responsibilities of individuals working on the project. Moreover, enables the resources to understand processes in a way which makes sense to everyone. The SlideModel gallery has another version of RASCI model, a RACI Chart template without the support section. You can also access more information about RACI Matrix, learn about its pros and cons and access tips on how to use it effectively.

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