Next Step Slide Templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Are you looking for a better way to showcase the next stages of your project? Our Next Step Slide templates can help you achieve just that. These designs are created with the intent of revealing the overview of your project to your audience at a glance. Users can find along these slides metaphoric illustrations that capture the essence of progress, such as ladders, stairs-shaped graphics, arrows, and other visual elements that depict the next steps a project would follow.

Discover the Next Steps PowerPoint slide designs. Our templates can help you keep your audience engaged throughout your presentation without involving complex editing processes. Presenters can fully customize these slides by modifying the color scheme, text, branding elements, and placeholder areas for images and icons. Like any other SlideModel template, these PowerPoint designs are compatible with Google Slides, Keynote, and all PowerPoint versions. They can be used with both Windows and Mac.

A Next Slide PowerPoint Template is a tool that lets you creatively showcase the upcoming stages of a project at a glance. Whether you plan to introduce an overview of a project, share personal growth goals, or discuss career development strategies, this template is tailored to your needs. HR professionals can benefit from working with these PPT slides regarding career development coaching and team management concepts.

Thanks to a contemporary design, the Next Steps Slide Template is adaptable to various layouts, which you can customize to suit your presentation needs. Individual placeholder areas help presenters to add their content with ease, so much that even novice users can build compelling presentations in a blink of an eye. Get to know these PowerPoint presentation templates and work your path to progress towards goals, defining future plans, and inspiring your audience to take action.

What is a Next Step Slide?

A Next Step Slide is a slide in a PowerPoint presentation that provides clear and actionable next steps for the audience. You can use it to guide your audience towards a specific course of action, such as making a purchase, signing up for a service, taking a specific action, or showing the progress of your project.

How to do the Next Slide in PowerPoint?

To create a Next Slide in PowerPoint, follow these simple steps:

  • Open the PowerPoint presentation.
  • Click on the “Insert” tab in the Ribbon at the top of the screen.
  • Choose the type of Slide you want to add to the presentation (Title Slide, Content Slide, Picture with Caption, and Blank Slide).
  • Customize the Slide by adding text, images, or other elements.
    Preview the Slide.

You may save yourself the difficulty of designing Next Slide from scratch by downloading our customizable Next Slide PowerPoint Template.

What is the Objective of a Next Step Slide?

A Next Step Slide aims to provide the audience with a clear, actionable path forward. It helps reinforce the presentation’s key takeaways.

Is the Next Slide Template customizable?

Yes, the Next Slide Template is fully customizable. You can easily edit the template to add your text, images, and graphics and adjust the layout and design as needed to fit the specific needs of your presentation.

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