47+ Hub & Spoke PowerPoint Templates & Presentation Slides

Here, you’ll find a wide variety of hub & spoke diagrams of all shapes and sizes. Download these PPT templates to use in all kinds of presentations, from business to marketing to education, and beyond.

There are over a dozen different variations of the hub and spoke diagram. The number of spokes typically ranges from three to six. These hub & spoke slides are 100% customizable. For a quick addition to a presentation, paste the slide into your PPT and add your text. For a more personalized hub & spoke diagram, edit the diagram for color, text placement, icons, and orientation.

What Are Hub & Spoke Diagrams?

Hub & spoke diagrams are named after their appearance. Each of these diagram templates will have one central “hub” and a number of “spokes” fanning out around it. These diagrams are often used in brainstorm webs. In fact, multiple hubs with their respective spokes can be connected together to illustrate complex ideas.

What Are the Uses of Hub & Spoke Slides?

The sky’s the limit as far as potential uses for hub & spoke templates. It is a versatile diagram that lends itself well to any concept with multiple parts, aspects, or results. Some common examples of how presenters use this diagram are: to demonstrate parts of a whole, to indicate cause and effect, to show different conclusions from a brainstorming session, or to show characteristics of a central topic. Use arrows or lines strategically to help audience members know your intention with this diagram.

The Hub & Spoke diagram is a creative alternative to a simple list of bulleted items. By using a visual element like a diagram, presenters are more likely to attract and keep audience attention. Colors, icons, and placement can all contribute to the effectiveness of this list alternative.

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