6 Step Circular Colorful Diagram PowerPoint Template

Colorful Circular Template Cycle

The 6 Step Circular Colorful Diagram PowerPoint Template is a hexagon cycle slide. It illustrates the wheel shape with 6 circular units in a continuous process diagram. Further, the center of diagram, i.e. core is connecting these six units at one central point. A wheel shape is often used to represent hub concept and spoke relationship. For instance, a network hub which is a common connecting point for various devices. Or, spoke diagram to display a role and responsibilities of core idea. This 6 step circular diagram of colorful segments is a one-slide PowerPoint. But users can create more copies to highlight each segment individually as a full-fledged presentation. For instance, they can highlight one segment per slide by changing color-fill of all the other five units to gray. Or, show 1 spoke segment after another while completing the wheel shape by the end of presentation.

The slide of 6 Step Circular Colorful Diagram PowerPoint Template shows bright sections. But users can change these colors or choose different shades from shape-fill pallet. The 6 step hexagon cycle diagram is a circular process flow. This could present a business cycle, communication models, or even continuous improvement and change management concepts. Therefore, the professional in any field can use this circular PowerPoint diagram to emphasize core and spoke segments. It demonstrates the 6 individual and interconnecting parts from a whole for several ideas and concepts.

Each segment of diagram contains numbers to show the direction of circular movement. However, adding chevron symbols and arrow shapes could be used for direction. Similarly, replace the numbers in the circle shapes by useful infographic icons for enhanced visual. The PowerPoint diagram of 6 circular steps illustrates several tasks and events in a circular flow. Like core competencies of a company in 6 radial circles.

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