5 Step Hub Spoke Diagram for PowerPoint

5 Step Hub Spoke Diagram for PowerPoint– a Spoke diagram intends to show a relation between a main element or character and multiple sub-elements. This means that if applied to a team, they are in the same organizational level. Generate professional presentations using 5 Step Hub Spoke Diagram for PowerPoint.

The first slide contains the hub spoke diagram that is perfect for 5 steps subject matters. A yellow node is placed in the center with a cloud icon. This is a venue for the user to write the title of the topic discussion. The five nodes are colored and contain icons as well. The colors and icons are as follows:

Green- 4 human figures
Blue- man and computer monitors
Violet- man and 1 monitor
Light blue- man and monitor showing dollar sign
Red- man with going up arrow

The second slide is a compilation of Useful Icons as entitled on the upper left side of the slide. The icons appear in a white block shape and the background is in dark gray. There are 12 unique icons. Five of them already show on the first slide. The user can utilize these to decorate personal presentations. The clipart can be copy and pasted to the diagram to give further emphasis on different topics.

The PowerPoint template is ideal for technology research development and business presentations. It is perfect for human resource, team building and organization. Some topics that can be related to the icons are applicable as well.

One perfect example is the relationship of a leader and its direct members. The spokes are meant to be of equal value. This means that a high regard is given to the main subject. The remaining nodes on the diagram can characterize the center node.

Impress global audiences with 5 Step Hub Spoke Diagram for PowerPoint by giving high quality visuals. 4 Step Hub Spoke Diagram for PowerPoint is downloadable at the SlideModel gallery.

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