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The STP PowerPoint Template is the set of diagrams and presentation slides for marketing concepts. The STP stands for Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning and it is the useful model of marketing strategies. This PowerPoint STP template contains 27 slides for detail presentation of its all three components. It helps the management, to analyze the how well the company is performing depending upon its customer base. The segmenting, targeting and positioning is a helpful model of understanding customers and the buying process. The sales and marketing users use this effective tool of strategy for a strong impact. Further, the PowerPoint diagram helps the viewers by illustrating the extensive knowledge of customer-centric business processes. The three phases of STP process marketing have following main purposes:

  • Segmenting: Identify customer base, elaborate specific needs to find new customers, also create a focused and effective marketing message. Three ways to segment audience are, demographic, geographic and psychographic.
  • Targeting: Evaluation of potential attraction in the product for each segment. For instance, benefits, accessibility, money and differences.
  • Positioning: Mapping of products on chart and analyze company‚Äôs current position in competitive market to point out possible opportunity.

The outstanding STP PowerPoint Template of tables, charts, infographic diagrams and a lot more. For example, the colorful infographic table for segmenting along with slides to provides details of each segment. Similarly, the PowerPoint diagram of process flow for customer journey also enables users to present details. Further, targeting assists users to add PowerPoint shapes and useful infographics given on the right side of slide. Additionally, the location markers to use for the map template. The PowerPoint of STP diagram has editable chevron infographic and shapes, whereas, the sales projection includes various pie chart templates. Moreover, this presentation has dashboard and PESTLE analysis diagram along with three slides of incredibly useful infographic icons. View another exceptional infographic template of STP marketing in SlideModel gallery.

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