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The Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning STP Marketing Mix PowerPoint Template is a professionally designed process-data model that can be used in lectures, seminars and workshops by marketing professionals to demonstrate the process of segmenting, targeting and positioning as a means of deciding how best to optimise the marketing strategy of a business model or product release.

Marketing strategies are based on the behavioural expectations of customer demographics within a certain market. To get an idea of how this customer base will react to certain business decisions and strategies, it’s important to plan accordingly. By engaging in a process of segmentation and positioning, it is possible to influence customer buying behaviour and target products specifically and successfully. As with steps in any successful marketing procedure, the Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning Marketing Mix PowerPoint Template arranges these stages chronological for to make it as easily understandable as possible.

This professionally designed PowerPoint model contains the three main stages of customer base and demographic research and demonstrates the degree to which they respond to each other chronologically. A professional presenter might use this PowerPoint template to:

  • determine who is buying a particular product, target a new related product and identify the specific advantages of that demographic
  • determine an overlooked demographic and target a product effectively
  • distinguish a rival business’s lucrative customer base and position yourself appropriately to tempt their clients away

All of the slides in this professionally designed STP Marketing Mix PowerPoint Template have been produced using high quality clip art graphics and shapes that are freely available across all PowerPoint applications and are thus entirely customisable. You can alter the size, shape and color of all of the items to produce a quality marketing presentation that is tailor fitted to your organisation, product or promotion.

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