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The STAR Model PowerPoint Template is a visual representation of the acronym STAR. STAR is a model people use when answering behavioral questions, usually in an interview. With this template, presenters can demonstrate each of the components of this model: situation, task, action, and result.

The STAR method provides interviewees with a structured way to respond to questions about behavioral situations. The S, or situation, represents the description of the situation the interviewee was in when they had a task they needed to accomplish.  The T, or task, stands for the goal the interviewee was working toward. The A, or action, represents the things the individual did to address the situation and carry out the task. Finally, the R, or result, describes the outcomes of the actions, including what the individual learned and direct or indirect effects.

This PPT template provides presenters with a clear structure for demonstrating each of these components. You’ll find slide templates where you can add information for each of the four letters on the same slide. You’ll also find a slide that highlights each of the letters. Here, you can go into more detail about each particular component, whether it’s situation, task, action, or result.

These slides are compatible with Google Slides presentations and PPT presentations alike. Use them as stand-alone presentations or incorporate them into other presentations. Easily change the color palette according to preference or branding needs. While this STAR model template is specifically geared towards the STAR method, the basic structure can be modified to reflect another 4 letter acronym or concept, for example to model a SWOT Analysis slide.

With this template, users will be able to quickly and easily turn their presentation into a professional and attractive piece with little to no effort

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