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The Kwanzaa PowerPoint Template is a slide deck with thematic slides for presenting the origin, principles, concepts, and celebrative aspects of a famous American-African event called Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa is a foreign language word, and it is an event celebrated in America, Africa, and some other countries from the 26th of December to the 1st of January every year. These seven days of Kwanzaa are symbolic of its seven principles which are:

  • Unity (Umoja) 
  • Self-determination (Kujichagulia)
  • Collective work & responsibility (Ujima)
  • Cooperative economics (Ujamaa) 
  • Purpose (Nia)
  • Creative (Kuumba)
  • Faith (Imani)

All these days have their traditional celebrations like eating or representing specific fruits. The candles lit on these days are also seven (three red, one black, and three green). At this event, the people come together to discuss the day’s principles and light one candle daily. Kwanzaa was also added with an additional alphabet a to complete the seven letters. We have created this detailed slide deck for presenting Kwanza and its various aspects. The PowerPoint slides have a consistent theme, i.e., they carry cultural symbols and have diagrams of the famous candle stand or Kinara, the fruits, vegetables, & corn. Presenters like Kwanzaa gift-making groups and decorators can significantly benefit from these slides to discuss these event details with their clients and audience.

Our Kwanzaa PowerPoint Template starts with a decorated slide to mention the title or short description, followed by a slide showing the table of contents. Throughout this template, the colors like green, yellow, pink, and orange are used in the diagrams and symbols representing the values of Kwanzaa. Next are the slides for the introduction, testimonial, and general description. Presenters can use these slides and the other slide with the word Karenga to discuss the historical value of the Kwanzaa. This template future includes the slide for presenting: Kwanzaa values, Celebrations, Symbols, Graphical data, Principles, Candles, Areas of Celebration, and Timeline and origin. This Kwanzaa PowerPoint template also contains slides specific for presenting the services, teams, and applications introduction for the Kwanzaa decoration & gift-making companies. So, professionals can grab and use this PPT template for their professional or educational presentations about Kwanzaa. They can edit with all PowerPoint versions. Try now!

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