FAB Model Slide Template for PowerPoint

PPT Template Slide for FAB Model Presentation
PowerPoint Template Slide for FAB Model Presentation
Editable FAB Model Presentation Template Slide

Customize our FAB Model Slide Template for PowerPoint for your business planning presentation. The FAB model is a model that helps professionals estimate the reasons customers choose their brand. This analysis is applied to develop better marketing strategies to enhance revenue. FAB is an acronym for Features, Advantages, and Benefits. By using this business model, analysts get to know the key elements that make their brand different from their competitors. Thus, keeping these points in mind, professionals focus on improving the features, advantages, and benefits of their service or product to grow customer engagement. This FAB Model PowerPoint template features three slide designs to present these F, A, and B points. Users can choose between either slide to use in their presentations. 

The first slide of the FAB Model Slide Template for PowerPoint shows a diagram with three concentric circles made out of PowerPoint shapes. Each circular component represents one component of the FAB. The representative bold alphabet is mentioned in each circle, i.e., F, A, and B. A vibrant color scheme, along with 3D shadow effects, is used in this diagram. This slide template also carries three editable text boxes having meaningful graphical icons (settings, thumbs up, and reward symbols). An introductory statement is also mentioned with the diagram that can be edited accordingly. 

The second slide carries a central three-segment pie-chart diagram. The segments have PowerPoint icons, and the core element mentions the FAB title. Users can add relevant descriptions using the attached text boxes around the segments. In contrast, the third slide is a three-column slide with multiple rows where presenters can mention more than one feature, advantage, or benefit. So, this FAB model slide template can help business and marketing professionals to discuss and understand why customers acquire their products or services, allowing marketing teams to align the sales strategy to those interests.

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