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PPT Template for Eisenhower Matrix Model

The Eisenhower Model PowerPoint Template is an infographic diagram design for a time management framework. This template contains four slides with two design versions of the Eisenhower matrix. The gradient colors and clipart icons provide an infographic diagram design of the concept. Users can choose from the simple white and gradient background templates of Eisenhower model slides. Customizing features of PowerPoint let users modify the design of the template according to presentation theme.

Eisenhower is a management tool for productivity, prioritization, and time management. It is a simple method, which people can use daily for prioritizing their tasks or agenda. By categorizing tasks in four categories of the Eisenhower model, users can identify the urgency and importance of work and plan accordingly. The matrix of Eisenhower Model divides four segments based on urgent/ not urgent work against important/ not important. Work that falls under the quadrant of urgent and important has the highest priority. The tasks that are urgent but not important can be delegated to another team member. Quadrant of important work that is not urgent gives a list of activities that can be rescheduled. Lastly, work that is not urgent nor important can be removed from the priority matrix.

The Eisenhower Model PowerPoint Template explains work in one of four boxes, i.e. Do, Delegate, Schedule, Delete. The icons such as exclamation mark, return arrow calendar, and bin represents the actions of each box. Using a PowerPoint slide of Eisenhower, you can list down the tasks of the day to explain agenda plan. In addition to professional use, the Eisenhower model PowerPoint and Google Slides presentation template is useful for training business students, teach task prioritization and management techniques and improve planning skills. Teachers use a simple diagram template to explain the concept with engaging and easy-to-understand graphic metaphors. Alternatively, users can download other Eisenhower matrix PowerPoint templates and slide designs for presentations.

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