Fluid 3×3 Matrix PowerPoint Template

The Fluid 3×3 Matrix PowerPoint Template is a modern matrix diagram with a bright color scheme. It is designed to present matrix concepts dependent on two or more factors and have categories based on such dependence. For instance, it can create presentations about performance vs. potential in the employee assessment process. The x-axis of this matrix will represent potential parameters, and the y-axis will indicate performance. We have added the titles and filled the text boxes with relevant categories of this performance vs. potential matrix; however, presenters can change the text according to their topic. 

The first slide of this Fluid 3×3 Matrix PowerPoint Template carries a block diagram with nine small square shapes arranged as a 3×3 matrix. The blocks have color fills and black text color with their categories mentioned in bold letters. On the left side, a double-head arrow is drawn to mention the flow or trend of the parameter on the y-axis. Proper labels have been added, which can be modified accordingly. The following slide has a fluid layout of this matrix with merged matrix components and lighter shade color fills. This diagram has three horizontal rows with three labels on each vertical and horizontal side. Arrows are also drawn on the axes to indicate trends. 

Presenters can customize this template using simple options on the PowerPoint toolbar, such as changing fonts, color schemes, and background settings. It can be re-purposed by editing the already mentioned text in the respective cells of the matrix chart. It can be a ready-to-use solution for project managers, corporate professionals, and strategists to discuss their analysis and concepts. Download and try editing it now!

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