Digital Transformation Patterns PowerPoint Templates

  • Design of Business Digital transformation
  • Digital Transformation Patterns PPT
  • Four Segments for Business Patterns
  • Three Segment Business Drivers List
  • Data Tables Capability Matrix
  • Presentation of Capability Map Design
  • Slide of Business and Technology Impact
  • Chain Scenarios to Engage Customers
  • Work Flow Diagram for Customer Engagement
  • Matrix Mapping of Touch Points
  • Digital transformation Sample Scorecard
  • List of Business Drives for Employees
  • Benefit Dependency Presentation Layout
  • Transformation Impact Touch Points
  • Scorecard of Transformation Analysis
  • Chain Scenario Format for Operation
  • Enterprise Business Transformation Design
  • Chart Format of Optimization Touchpoints
  • Design of Operation Optimization
  • Business Presentation for Learning PPT
  • Innovative Model Presentation Slide
  • Vision of Product Transformation PPT
  • Digital Transformation Product Benefits
  • Pattern for Product Digital Transformation
  • PowerPoint Transformation Pattern Format

The Digital Transformation Patterns PowerPoint Templates is a pre-designed, self-explanatory presentation of technology and businesses. It is a 15 slides template which can assist the presenter to explain purpose of digital transformation. Digital transformation is a change in business or organizational processes and models through the support of technology. It also means, analyzing the impact of revolutionary changes on society while keeping the present and future technology in mind. The PowerPoint template provides the graphical layout to describe complex pattern. For example, business drivers for transformation, capability model, and ecosystem. More importantly, it presents the idea of digital transformation in four verticals of an enterprise project. These include:

  1. Engaging customers
  2. Empowering employees
  3. Optimizing operations
  4. Transforming products

The Digital Transformation Patterns PowerPoint Templates provide a layout of tables and charts explaining workflow of activities. It also displays the infographic icons to represent important terms in each pattern. The use of these icons assists the viewers to make a mental image of terms and remember them longer. While the first few slides demonstrate the comparison tables format for capability model and ecosystem. The further slides contain the process flowchart presentation of all four enterprise patterns for digital transformation. This includes a template of scenario chain showing logical flow of business drivers, investment objectives, scenarios, and key benefits. Next, another process flow for benefit dependencies network, and a table chart of touch points. Furthermore, the PowerPoint template includes a sample value realization card. This format can enable the company to analyze the outcomes and their impact on customers, employees, and organization.

The PowerPoint presentation of patterns for digital transformation is a visually attractive template. Here, the colorful segments and icons enable the audience to distinguish between headings and subheadings. The presenter can make changes in the textual content by adding company’s information. Or, customize the design of shapes and process flow segments.

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