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Crossing The Chasm Slides for PowerPoint – The Crossing The Chasm term was first coined by Geoffrey A. Moore in his book Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers. This book created a new planning methodology in high-tech industries. This methodology provides tools and insights for moving cutting-edge products from early adopters into larger markets. “The Chasm” is the GAP within the technology adoption curve that any high tech product needs to traverse to become a scalable product. Before the Chasm the customers are risky consumers, people not afraid of trying new things,while after the chasm lays the mass markets, that need highly accepted and proven track technology to consume. The book helps Marketing department and teams understand the challenges required to take a new , innovative, high tech product into the mainstream markets. For this it emphasized the need to Marketing department to be in the consumer seat, making the product-market fit, and finding the most valuable product combinations to solve the consumers pains.

The Technology Adoption Life Cycle describes the evolution of any given market adoption of an innovation. Crossing the Chasm analyzes GAP’s that separates each stage, dividing this evolution in 4 steps.

  • The Early Market (between early adopters and early majority), where buyers are early adopters. Ready to prove new technology.
  • Crossing the Chasm (between early majority and late majority), pragmatists with a specific pain, with a problem not yet resolved but for substitutes.
  • The eye of the Tornado (between late majority and laggards), where buyers are pragmatists following a leading group.
  • The Main Stream (after laggards), where buyers are maintaining their investments in a now broadly adopted technology.

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