Compass Shape for PowerPoint

Compass Shape for PowerPoint– Compass is a navigational tool with a needle pointing to the magnetic North. A compass rose is the diagram of direction initials for North, East, South and West that surrounds the needle. The instrument was initially used by the Chinese to position infrastructures in accordance to Feng Shui principles. Lead audiences towards deep understanding using Compass Shape for PowerPoint.

The compass has many uses. It is generally used by travelers and navigators. It is considered as a vital tool for survival. The most popular type of compass is the magnetic one. It uses a magnetic concept where the needle is pulled by the Earth’s magnetic field towards the North Pole. The other point of the needle then points at South Pole. In locating the true North, the needle can turn a few times before it settles at a certain angle.

An instrument like the compass the PowerPoint template can symbolize multiple concepts:

1) A literal direction towards a place or thing;
2) It can metaphor life and business goals such as where the company is heading within a particular timeframe;
3) Travel sales and marketing;
4) History of navigation and settlement;
5) Facts about the compass tool- uses, development, etc.

The presentation can begin with an overview or introduction. The first slide is perfect for a quick run-through or a dashboard. It has 3 compass shapes with well-matched blue colored layouts. The user can find one compass in the middle of the second slide. It goes with 4 text placeholders on the sides. The 3rd slide also features a compass with its needle lying horizontally. The 4th slide shows the same PowerPoint shape but the needle is lying vertically. The last slide is unique with its gray variant compass.

Enhance a wide array of presentation ideas with Compass Shape for PowerPoint. Its design is 100% customizable. The user can encode specific modifications like color schemes to fit the report. Checkout Compass Shapes for PowerPoint that is downloadable from the SlideModel gallery.

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