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AIDA is a Marketing Term. Created as the acronym of the lists of events occurring in the engaging process between a customer and a content piece. The main steps of the engagement process are:

  • A – Attention (awareness): Attract the attention of the customer towards the message in the content. The first step towards any piece of content is to capture attention. Content Creators  start with a concept deeply relevant and timely to the audience. The content solves a problem, explains a solution or simply generates expectation.
  • I – Interest of the customer with a relevant copy. Once the attention is grabbed, the content should provide the consumer with Value, in a way that the user can understand and empathize.
  • D – Desire: Convince customers, with the content, that they  want and desire the product or service in discussion to satisfy their needs. In this step, the customer knows what he needs, and probably is evaluating different options.
  • A – Action: Lead customers towards taking action. Once the content generated desire, it must provide means to quickly convert the consumer.

The AIDA Model is also known as the “purchase funnel”, “customer funnel”,  “marketing funnel”, or “sales funnel”.

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