8D Analysis Report Quality System PowerPoint Template

8D root-cause analysis is a problem-solving method, mainly used in the manufacturing industry by quality engineers and operations managers. A proven problem-solving technique successfully applied to several other industries, including healthcare, retail, and government. People in any profession can use the 8D model that helps identify, correct, and eliminate recurring problems.

8D Analysis Report Quality System PowerPoint Template presents a workflow for the root-cause analysis model. It includes eight slides to detail the implementation of 8 disciplines in this problem-solving model. These disciplines are team formation, problem description, containment action, root-cause analysis, corrective actions, Validate, implementation, and recognition.

Taking an example of a faulty engine part in trucks for illustrative purpose. The team formation slide template displays people with product or process knowledge, such as engineers, finance, and procurement. Share a problem statement that clearly defines the problem, area of impact, and cost of not doing anything. Use PowerPoint templates of tabular forms to input data about containment actions, root-cause, corrective actions, and preventive measures. The last part of the 8D analysis report is the appreciation or reward team that motivates staff.

The 8D Analysis Report Quality System PowerPoint Template can make problem analysis complete and concise for team collaboration on an issue. The slides for eight disciplines are pre-design templates to add relevant information and customize it to present.

You can use this PowerPoint presentation as a visual aid for team-oriented problem-solving sessions. The first slide provides an overview of process flow in 8D root cause analysis. Additional table-format slides are used to input data of any process or operation. The 8 steps model diagram in PowerPoint provides a roadmap from the problem to its permanent solution. Alternatively, individuals can download other safety checklist reports and PowerPoint templates on Supplier Corrective Action Report (SCAR templates).

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