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6M of Production PowerPoint Template

The 6M of Production PowerPoint Template presents brainstorming techniques in three easy-to-understand diagrams. 6M refers to six components; Manpower, Method, Machine, Material, Milieu, and Measurement. It is generally devised for finding the root-cause of problems in manufacturing industry. The PowerPoint slides of 6M of production display 6 steps process cycle diagram, tabular chart, and fishbone diagram. The fishbone diagram template is a popular root-cause analysis method where head of fish is the problem statement. Whereas, the bones represent categories of causes i.e. 6Ms. Each slide contains text placeholders to add discussion points for problem-solving sessions. These slides will help display relevant information in engaging presentation styles.

The 6M are basically characteristic dimensions to look at when trying to solve a problem. 6Ms are the contributing elements for finding root-cause of discrepancy in the process. For example, the Manpower ranks personnel’s experience, sense of responsibility, and discipline. Method or methodology affects the outcome due to different parameters in a workflow. The state of Machineries such as age or overuse can produce varying results. Sometimes, quality of Material can impact the overall production. The results may also vary when Measuring method or gauge is different. Lastly, Milieu, environmental factors like temperature can also influence production.

6Ms helps separate causes into categories and then rank these causes for various effects. This technique is also used in other business divisions such as resources, quality, management, and marketing. The 6M of Production PowerPoint Template could be used effectively to demonstrate complex problems and approach to resolve those problems.

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