5W1H Problem Solving PowerPoint Template

Our 5W1H Problem-Solving PowerPoint Template features a set of engaging diagram slides for presenting the components of the 5W1H approach. The words 5W and 1H stand for the questions asked or resolved to know a particular situation. For example, in case of a problem, the analysts will preview this situation in five different aspects, i.e., What, Why, Where, When, Who, and How. By analyzing problems from diverse angles, professionals can dig into the actual cause and propose an adequate solution. This comprehensive approach is applied wherever a complex scenario is to be resolved or a decision has to be taken. Thus, it is used in almost every field, such as business, education, real estate, research, science & tech. Presenters can edit the featured slides and prepare impressive presentations for meetings and discussions using all PowerPoint versions, Google Slides, and Keynote.

The first slide of our 5W1H Problem-Solving PowerPoint Template carries a hexagonal diagram mentioning the 5W1H problem-solving process title. From this grey-colored shape on the left side of the slide, thin multi-colored lines emerge to reach the five creative rows, each mentioning the framework questions. These rows have small hexagons with number labels, chevron shapes showing the question words, and greyed segments for adding the relevant questions. The colors of the thin lines are the same as their corresponding shapes. However, presenters can change the template’s colors, fonts, and other graphical features according to their requirements. After this slide, the following are individual slides color highlighting the questions individually. This spotlight effect enables the presenters to discuss every question in detail. 

These PowerPoint slides carry an attractive color scheme and features. Users can modify each component to match their preferred presentation theme style. Download and prepare your problem-solving presentations in moments!

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