How to Select Multiple Slides in Google Slides

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Like PowerPoint templates, you can edit your Google Slides presentation decks by selecting multiple slides. This can help you edit these slides simultaneously to perform various slide management functions.

How to Select Multiple Slides on Google Slides

To select multiple slides on your Google Slides templates, use one of the following methods:

CTRL/Cmd+Click: Select multiple slides by holding down the CTRL (Windows) or Command (Mac) key and click on the slides you wish to select. This can include any of the slides in your slide deck.

SHIFT+Click: Hold down the SHIFT key and click on multiple slides to select them. You can also use the Up/Down. 

SHIFT+Arrow Keys: You can use the SHIFT button with the arrow keys to select multiple slides (e.g., SHIFT+Down Arrow).
CTRL/Cmd+A: To select all slides in a presentation, use CTRL (Windows) or Command (Mac) and press the A key.

Selecting multiple slides in Google Slides
Multiple slides selected in Google Slides as shown in the lateral menu

How to Manage Multiple Slides on Google Slides

Once you have selected multiple slides, you can manage them via the right-click context menu. If you have been looking for answers to questions like how to mass delete slides on Google Slides or how to copy and paste multiple slides into Google Slides, the answer lies in using this method. The right-click context menu provides options to copy, duplicate, delete, arrange, and perform other functions.

Managing multiple slides selected in Google Slides
Right-click contextual menu on selected slides

Final Words

Selecting multiple slides to edit and manage them is a basic function similar to PowerPoint slide management in Google Slides. Suppose you are someone new to Google Slides who often finds questions like how to start a presentation and how to end a presentation compelling. In that case, multiple slide selections can help you better manage your slides and help account for other important tasks. For example, make the start and end of your presentation consistent by ensuring consistent branding that can be done relatively quickly by duplicating and copying multiple slides so you can reuse them.

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