How to Write an Effective Quarterly Business Review

How to Write an Effective Quarterly Business Review Report

If you are walking down the street to establish yourself as a business advisor, there are some aspects that you will have to pay attention to. The Quarterly Business Review is an important concept you would need to ponder upon. Let’s take a quick look at what these reviews are and their importance.

What is a Quarterly Business Review?

A Quarterly Business Review, or QBR, is a discussion meeting that you have with your customers on a quarterly basis. The focal point of this meeting is not just to check what goals you have met and what’s outstanding. Instead, it revolves around the client’s business and what can be done to escalate its growth. The sole aim of a QBR is to understand the potential of the business, the opportunities and markets it can tap into, and the long-term goals that can be achieved.

QBR Revolves Around Client Business

With a quarterly business review, you get a chance to understand the client’s vision and a window to craft your plan to help them out.
Documenting the QBR and showing interest in your client’s business plans help you become a trusted business advisor. And that’s why they are so crucial.

A quarterly business review is also an option to unveil hidden business opportunities. For example, if a customer shows interest in hiring two new talents in the upcoming quarter, you can include an IT budget and talk about software, computers, and training resources that will be required for on boarding those two employees.

In the long run, this report will help to understand the usage trends, budget and IT demands.

During the initial stages of a company’s growth, your client will need to interact with his customers more often. In the early stages, there will be lesser customers so building one-to-one relationships will be easier and more effective.

Bottom line here is that QBR‘s are hugely beneficial for everyone – you, your clients, and your clients’ customers. They help strengthen the partnership between a business and its customers.

Setting an Agenda for a QBR

It is very important to set an agenda for a QBR meeting, as it will help you in many ways, especially when you come to the point of documenting it in a report format.

If you go into a QBR without a concrete set of goals and a pathway to achieve them, you’ll only end up wasting more time. It will not add value to your client’s business, nor will it help you showcase your services in a better light.

Make sure you set the agenda right in order to gain a better understanding of your client’s business objectives. This is more than just another conference call to shoot the breeze, and that is what you should be clear about.

Computer with a PowerPoint Agenda Slide

Craft an agenda and make sure all parties anticipated to attend, receive it well ahead in time. This will minimize any chances of the meeting being derailed.

Also, create a QBR outline that includes the main subjects, which needs to be discussed. You should have all pointers laid out before the meeting commences.

If you want to take inspiration for your agenda slides take a look at our Agenda PowerPoint Templates

How to run a QBR successfully

Running a QBR effectively may often seem to be a tricky task. However, it is mostly a cakewalk and beneficial if done in the right way. It is important to document the steps of what is needed from every participant. Following are a few things that you must keep in mind so as to run a QBR successfully:

  • Keep a record of who’s attending and their respective roles in the meeting.
  • Make a list of the pre-requisites, the reports that should be created, the metrics that need to be pulled out and the main goals to be discussed.
  • Decide upon the format of the Customer Success QBR and the tools that you plan on using in the process.
  • Choose the PowerPoint templates, structure and elements that will be used to create the QBR presentation.
  • Set the agenda as discussed above.

Tips to Writing a Professional Business Review

While showcasing the QBR, it is important to present the KPIs that make the most sense, while making sure you add your own unique punch to it. Following are some important tips that you must keep in mind while writing a professional quarterly business review:

1. Be a Storyteller:

Create a storyline and engage the audience leveraging the art of storytelling in your presentation. Present a problem to be resolved. Make a structure where every part of the story does its work and has an interactive flow to it. The beginning should be introductory while the middle part should push the vision and demonstrate your plan to help the client achieve its goals. The conclusion should have the final solution mentioned clearly.

Problem Solution PowerPoint Templates

2. Review the KPIs:

The client strategy meetings and review reports should always be started with KPIs. Knowing the current state of achievement of all the important indicators of your customer, plus those indicators your are involved, is essential to describe real status and plan for the future. Generally, indicators are built to control plans and force actions (for example, budget KPI help to force organizations to spend accordingly to their plans). Make sure you have a detailed action plan that backs up the indicators status.

KPI Quarterly Business Review Presentation Design

3. The Nine-Minute Rule:

Divide your presentation into two parts: an initial summary that covers all of the important details and is done in nine minutes or fewer, followed by a detailed session. Humans tend to lose interest in a presentation after the first ten minutes, which is why it is important you have the crux mapped out in the initial summary of the QBR.

The 10 minutes rule PPT Template

4. Highlight Real Results:

Use stats and facts to showcase the results that have been achieved. Don’t use indefinite terms and metrics. These will only reduce the value of the quarterly business review and make it sound vague.

5. Make it Crisp and Consistent:

There is no point in going on and on with the presentation if it does not lay the right impact and hits the chords. The PowerPoint slides should be consistent and the theme should please the audience.

These 5 important pointers can help to prepare an effective QBR.

Quarterly Business Review Mistakes to Avoid

Many business advisers repeat some mistakes that are main reasons behind the sinking of a QBR. Following are the ones that you should avoid:

  • Steer clear of thorough discussions about anything that is negative. You should lay emphasis on the successes more than the failures.
  • Choosing a defensive approach if the customer brings up any issues or challenges is another mistake that you should avoid. Address the queries in an amicable and accepting way.
  • Not paying enough attention to the 9-minute rule and lingering on with the meeting for longer than an hour is a big NO!

Now that we have discussed the important aspects of a QBR, let’s walk you across the importance of PowerPoint presentation.

Using PowerPoint Presentation for a Quarterly Business Review

Having the right QBR presentation template can help to boost the effectiveness of a Quarterly Business Review. A part from that, following a pre designed theme with a professional layout will make it easier to structure and order the content in a way that is easy to present to an executive audience.

1. Quarterly Business Review PowerPoint Templates

PPT Template Quarterly Business Review

With a business review PowerPoint template you can create professional-looking quarterly reports and annual Business Reviews. These provide a structured theme to present every corporate area with data-driven charts and infographics. Such templates provide top of the line, 100% editable PowerPoint Charts and vector to create impressive infographics & visual content. These representations are ideal for summarizing strong numeric information. You can impress your audience and create professional QBRs quite effectively and seamlessly.

Use This Template

2. Light Business Quarterly Business Review Templates

If you need a more generic PowerPoint Template, you can use the Light Business PowerPoint template and adapt ts content to your QBR topics. You have a business theme that matched professional environments ready to be edited with your own content.

Use This Template

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