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Design Thinking refers to a process in which professionals aim to understand the user, challenge prevalent assumptions, and redefine the problems in order to identify alternative solutions that may not have been visible in the initial levels of understanding.

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking process aims to find alternative solutions to various problems by having a deep understanding of the user, challenging the ongoing assumptions, and redefining problems. It is a solution-based approach for solving prevalent problems. It involves a hands-on approach for solving problems, as well as gives a different way of working and thinking.

Download Design Thinking PowerPoint presentation templates by SlideModel to present Design Thinking of a particular problem in your organization.

What is a Design Thinking PowerPoint presentation template?

A Design Thinking PowerPoint presentation template is a presentation template that users can use to demonstrate the design thinking they have used, present a design thinking process or analysis to an audience, or can use in a particular project.

These templates include various illustrative slide designs, PowerPoint backgrounds, and Design Thinking presentation templates that users can download and edit according to their need.

How can a Design Thinking PowerPoint presentation template be used in a presentation?

A Design Thinking PowerPoint presentation template can be used in a presentation by downloading and editing the template in PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote.

Each template comes with a description and the details about the number of slides, the colors, and the supported versions. Edit the text, colors, and size of the templates to customize it according to your preference.

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