Double Diamond Model PowerPoint Template

Presentation of Double Diamond Model
PowerPoint Diagram of Double Diamond Design Thinking

The Double Diamond Model PowerPoint Template presents two slide designs for the creative process model. The first diagram template includes pre-defined text for the activities of the design thinking model. The second template displays the diverging and converging diamond approach in the diagram. The PowerPoint diagrams of the Double Diamond model benefit from educational presentations and training sessions to discuss the design process effectively. Users can also customize these templates to demonstrate their ideas and solutions process.

The Double Diagram model is a guiding system designer follow in their creative process. A divergence-convergence model influences the two diamonds approach to explore widely and take focused actions. The double diamond model is divided into four phases: Discover, Define, Develop, and Deliver. The first two phases belong to Diamond-1 to define and refine problem definition. The following two phases in Diamond-2 are about design and testing. The double diamond process and approach go from an idea or concept to a well-researched solution that meets the user’s needs.

The Double Diagram model begins with a challenging idea, assumption, or objective you want to achieve. Discover – think outward (diverging) by understanding needs, interests, and characteristics for research purposes. In the Define phase, you take the comprehensive data from the previous stage and refine it into meaningful information. The conclusion of a first diamond is the problem definition. Once the problem definition is established, you ideate (develop). It is a divergent process of finding ways to solve a problem to help end-users. The final section is delivery, where all the ideas are filtered, tested, and prototyped to create a product worth selling.

Double Diamond Model PowerPoint Template provides a simple visual map of the design thinking process. The diamonds present an iterative process where ideas are developed, tested, and refined multiple times. The PowerPoint Double Diamond Model diagram can complement design thinking and agile methodologies in various situations. It can also be used to prepare presentations on proof of concept. Alternatively, you can download other Double Diamond slides and presentation designs following the diamond process.

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