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Design Thinking PowerPoint Templates laid out the Six Phases of Design Thinking Process. Consequently, the step by step process diagrams, cycle charts, and creative frameworks. It helps small to large scale businesses create a more desirable business plan.

In other words, design thinking process follows a systematic approach that helps ideas translate into solutions. Therefore, lead to innovation, growth, and differentiation in the competitive market.

Each phase is iterative and cyclical rather than the strictly linear process. In addition, the design thinking framework follows an overall flow to understand, create and deliver. Within these larger categories fall the 6 phases:

  • Empathize: Gather facts and get to know about what users do, say, think, and feel.
  • Define: Combine the gathered facts, analyze user’s unmet needs and begin to highlight opportunities for innovation.
  • Ideate: Brainstorm creative ideas that address the unmet user needs.
  • Prototype: Transform ideas into a physical form to allow experience and interaction with them and, in the process, learn and develop more empathy.
  • Test: Observe and gather feedback to refine prototypes, learn more about the user, and innovate the original ideas.
  • Implement: Put the vision into effect. Ensure that the solution is put into action and affects the lives of the end users.

Design Thinking PowerPoint has 10 professional slides. The shapes and placeholders are PowerPoint vectors. As a result, the presenters can fully edit the presentation. Hence, there are other awesome PowerPoint Templates to download in the gallery.

Impress your audience with the professional the Design Thinking PowerPoint Templates; transmit your message with graphics that appeals to professionals and executives.

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