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PPT Slide Template for Volleyball Sport
Cycling Slide with Human Illustration
Basketball Slide Template for PowerPoint Presentation
Editable Running Human Illustration Slide
Soccer Game Slide for PowerPoint
Boxing PPT Slide with Human Character
PPT Slide Template for Alpine Skiing Sport
Baseball Human Illustration Slide
Table Tennis Sport PPT Slide
Ice Hockey Sport PPT Template Slide
Tennis PowerPoint Slide Template
Editable Template Slide for Javeline Throw Sport
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Sports Template - Editable Area Chart
Sports Template Slide with Bar Graph
Ending Slide for Sports PowerPoint Presentation

The Sport PowerPoint Template is a slide deck featuring several sports scenes. The slides carry engaging human illustrations with a bright color scheme to enhance your sports presentations. Sport is defined as a physical activity that involves contests between the players based on their playing skills. Sports like volleyball, soccer, hockey, running, cycling and basketball are played worldwide on local, regional and internal levels. However, others are limited to a certain area, for instance, Javeline throw and Ice Hockey. This PowerPoint template covers almost all the sports played worldwide through interactive visuals. Sports clubs, educational institutes, and training coaches can customize this template to present an overview of these games.

This PowerPoint template carries the scenic slides for the following sports:

  • Volleyball: A sport where two opposing teams separated by a net try to throw the ball onto another’s area by hitting it with their hands.
  • Cycling: In cycling, the cyclists contest to reach the finish line riding on the bicycle.
  • Basketball: This sport involves tossing the ball onto the opponent team’s goal (an elevated hoop).
  • Running: Running is a physical activity in various forms, like sprints and marathons, based on distance or other rules.
  • Soccer: The soccer (football) sports scene shows the players hitting a ball with their feet. The players try to maneuver the ball to the opposite goal with their feet, unlike the basketball.
  • Boxing: Boxing is a game where two athletes wearing protective costumes fight each other through punching.
  • Alpine Skiing: Alpine Skiing or downhill skiing is a winter contest for sliding over the ski track to reach the goal earlier.
  • Baseball: In this sport, the teams play with bat and ball and try to make maximum scores according to defined rules.
  • Table Tennis: It is an indoor sport in which players toss the lightweight ball across the two extremes of the table with a small racket.
  • Ice Hockey: Like the ordinary hockey game, ice hockey also involves the control and shooting of the hockey puck to the goal. Ice hockey is played staking on the ice rinks.
  • Tennis: Tennis is a racket sport in which the opponents play by hitting a ball across the central net.
  • Javelin throw: It is a sport of throwing an arrow-like spear from a specific distance. The athletes carry the javelin, run straight to gain momentum, and finally throw it onto the target.

Each slide for these sports carries representative illustrations. For instance, on the running sport slide, the running scene is crafted using two male running characters. Similarly, a female athlete holding a racket in specific attire is displayed on the tennis sport slide. So, presenters can use the slides of this Sport PowerPoint Template to discuss each sport in detail individually. Users can easily edit this template to make it fit their use case. Graphs to track performance, or any other relevant metric are available in the final slides of this presentation template.

Like all other PPT templates, PPT this design is also editable with Google Slides and Keynote.

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