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An illustration is more than a complementary element on a PowerPoint presentation, it goes beyond that concept. Using illustrations on a slide presentation opens a whole dimension of capacities to make a comprehensive and direct statement. It doesn’t matter the nature of the presentation or its subject field; SlideModel has a catalog that covers a vast number of industries with top-of-the-game PowerPoint templates.

These PowerPoint Illustrations provide various handy slide designs for illustrating business concepts, corporate strategies and plans, tree diagrams, etc.

The given templates are designed in such a way that you can mold them according to your presentation topic to represent your ideas in a symbolic manner by using high quality illustrations depicting stick figures, diagrams and standalone images.

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PowerPoint presentations with fresh and modern illustrations create an instant stimulus in the mind of the spectator and that’s a huge advantage for the presenter as it assures engaging the audience through visual metaphors.

Illustrations have an indispensable role at PowerPoint presentations, and SlideModel comprehends this just perfectly. The application of custom images in these PowerPoint templates procured the use of modern vector designs and innovative graphic compositions.

What is an illustration?

An illustration is a graphic component that complements or highlights a text. It is commonly associated with the use of visual metaphors. It can be applied in so many different ways; being a core resource for both fine art and graphic design.

It doesn’t have to be a vector illustration or a free hand-drawn to be considered an illustration exclusively. Infographics are also interpreted as such because they explain what is written.

What are the types of illustrations?

There are multiple areas that require visual compositions to complement the information. Precisely, the nature of the illustration image can vary depending on the type of content to which its explanation must attend.

The most common types of illustrations are Technical or scientific, Editorial, Advertising, Concept art, Packaging, and Infographics.

Why is an illustration used in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is one of the most complete resources to make presentations to an audience, but it shouldn’t rely on written information exclusively. Illustrations are powerful tools to enhance a presentation because it balances the composition of a particular slide.

Visualization is a key factor regarding PowerPoint illustrations, a good image can say so much more than hundreds of written lines; and that’s the meaning behind this matter: so that both spectator and presenter can have an economic management of the information as they both require less resources to understand and deliver a message.

What are the Advantages of using illustrations in a PowerPoint presentation?

The advantages of an illustration in a PowerPoint presentation are plenty and can vary depending on the subject, but it is a fact that visuals will always be a plus regardless of the topic in question.

Visual resources are a great aid to add clarity to any message and help retain the audience into the idea. Also, using relevant illustrations can increase the audience’s attention and memory by giving them a particular image which can stimulate their memory through association.

Monotony can become a great obstacle when making a presentation, that’s why powerful and direct images may evoke an emotional connection and a more inclusive engagement from the spectator.

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