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SlideModel provides a range of vector-based illustrations available in the Vector Images gallery. Vectors are created as PowerPoint shapes, allowing you to customize scenes according to your needs. When working with images, the regular jpeg pictures limit the customization features. By introducing a combination of vectors into the presentation, users can create endless possibilities of illustration scenes to decorate or empower their message.

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The templates with vector graphics give the benefits of scalability and editability.

Vector images are a good choice for creating attractive and engaging presentations that rely on metaphors for empowering a message.

Some benefits of the use of vector images are:

  • Combine different shapes, assets, characters, and illustrations to build a visual scene that transmits a message.
  • Vectors can be adjusted without losing graphical precision, allowing you to combine shapes from different scenes and sizes, in your presentation layout.
  • The vectors in PowerPoint give more control on the customization. It means users can change some parts or whole graphics and rearrange the elements as they like.

What are Vector Images?

Vector Images are illustrations made of points within a cartesian canvas, connected by lines and curves. On the other hand, bitmap pictures are based on colored square pixels.

Vectors are drawn by a graphic engine (PowerPoint, Browser, Illustrator, etc.), on runtime, following instructions of point and how they connect. This means, increasing and decreasing the size of the canvas will not affect the picture quality. Those lines, curves, and points stay smooth. Simplifying, vectors are a group of shapes combined to create an image, therefore, they can be ungrouped to edit each shape individually.

What are Vector Images PowerPoint Templates?

PowerPoint provides a vector engine, generally called PowerPoint Shapes. Internally PowerPoint draws the vector connecting points and lines. A vector image is created using a composite of shapes. Each individual shape can be treated as an object (you can see them in the PowerPoint selection pane with a name). Shapes can be customized, themed, and animated.

How Vector Images can be used in PowerPoint Presentation?

Vector images in PowerPoint presentations are a powerful tool to convey meaning. Using a visual metaphor your message will be associated with it, and there is a higher probability to be remembered. They are also useful as decoration, using the canvas in a more balanced way between text and visuals.

Benefits of Vector Images

Infinite Resolution: The vector images are resolution-independent. They do not lose the quality, no matter how much you zoom in or out applied. If you like a scene, you can reduce it to fit in an icon or the other way round, if you like an icon, you can resize it to be used as a slide background.

Small Size: Due to less information (containing only coordinated), the file size of vectors is small compared to pixelated photos, making your presentation smaller than when using images

Easily Manipulated: Just like building blocks, the vectors are made of several shapes. Play around with parts of the vector to create something new.

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