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Retail Purchasing Pathway PowerPoint Template: A handy tool for explaining the AIDA model. The acronym stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. The model suggests an understanding of how to target a market effectively. Moving from step to step, the process includes some percentage of prospects, while others leave the funnel or stop their path. The presenter can describe the actions and strategies on each step of the path.

  1. Attention is stage to attract the customer. A print ad, photograph or PowerPoint Illustrations. Something to capture the market attention.
  2. Interest references the information, such as product details, prices, and availability. They are created to provide market interest in the product advertised.
  3. Desire convince customers that they need the product or service. The description may suggest benefits why they need to purchase.
  4. Action lead customers towards taking the purchase. Something is done to the urge to act now. There may be a promotional offer or limited sale discount.

The 4 stages demonstrate that consumers must be aware of the product or service offered. Be interested enough to pay attention to the benefits, and have the desire purchase it. This PowerPoint able to explain those stages clearly. This is use for a detail discussion of AIDA concept.

The design is simple. Strategically, the template can be used for promotions and sales channel. Use to grab attention, tell a story, and inspire action.

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