Oil & Gas Industry PowerPoint Template

Oil & Gas Industry PowerPoint Template is a professional presentations which provides themed scenes for the Oil and Gas Industry. The template provides top of the line scene vectors of offshore drilling platform, oil transportation ships and a set of sixteen different clipart icons that the presenter can combine to create high quality visual presentations. Charts and flow diagrams with Oil & Gas themes are included allowing the user to create infographics about the Oil & Gas industry.

Crude oil and natural gas are naturally occurring substances present bellow surface, in rock amidst the earth’s crust. The origin of oil and gas is organic material compressed in sedimentary rock. As layers of sediment were deposited on the ocean floor, decaying remains of plants and animals were integrated into the forming rock. This organic material eventually transformed into oil and gas after being exposed to a specific temperature and pressure range deep within the earth’s crust. To extract the hydrocarbons from the sedimentary rock is necessary different drilling processes, which require extensive investments due to their complexity.

The Oil and Gas Industry includes several sub-categories as exploration, extraction and refining. Logistics play an important role in the overall industry environment through the transportation by oil tankers and pipelines. The oil and gas industry is divided in three major sectors, upstream, midstream and downstream. The upstream sector references the exploration and production (E&P). The midstream references transportation, storage and marketing of oil and gas productions. The downstream (generally unified with the midstream sector) focuses on the refining of crude oil and purification of natural gas.

Oil & Gas is the main raw material for many industries, and has become one of the most important supplies for maintenance of the modern civilization. Oil and Gas accounts for the largest percentage of the world energy generation, and the production , transportation, refining and commercialization of oil and gas has become the worlds biggest industry in money value.

The oil and gas industry not only is strongly regulated on every nation, its also one of the most traded markets in the stock and commodities derivatives markets, being their most influential indicators (West Texas price and Brent index) two of the most followed trading indicators in the world of markets.

Impress your audience creating high visual quality presentation with our modern and appealing Oil & Gas Industry PowerPoint Template.

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