Nudge Theory PowerPoint Template

The Nudge Theory PowerPoint Template is a presentation deck for process sequence diagram. The nudge theory was originally designed to understand behavioral economics. However, it has been found useful for understanding human behavior. For example, how humans think and make decisions. The term “Nudge” refers to a strategy that may influence people to behave in certain way without removing their choice. The idea is to offer multiple choices, enabling people to make specific decisions on their own. This concept is also known as choice architecture. Because it is a process of designing available choices to encourage specific outcomes.

The nudge theory PowerPoint template could be used in any business field or industry. Such as business sales, healthcare, architecture, media, and more. For example, stores arrange promotional products in a way to draw customer’s attention and change purchasing patterns. Similarly, it is a useful theory in product designs like websites or UX.

Nudge theory is 7 steps connecting PowerPoint sequence diagram in zigzag design. There are 8 slides of flat PowerPoint shapes that could easily transformed to Google Slides Themes. These PowerPoint templates help display sequence of instructions for training material. These processes include:

  • Define your change
  • Changes from your employees’ point-of-view
  • Show the best option with evidence
  • Present the change
  • Listen to feedback
  • Limit the obstacles
  • Use short-term wins to keep momentum up

The Nudge Theory PowerPoint Template is an editable slide deck to discuss all 7 components in detail. It shows 8 steps process flow diagram on white PowerPoint background. The users can simply select 8 steps diagram design and adjust it to any presentation color theme.

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