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Modified Ansoff Matrix PowerPoint Template is a strategic framework for planning. It helps executives, senior managers, and marketers devise strategies for business growth. The Ansoff diagram otherwise known as the Product or Market Expansion Grid revolves on the major growth alternatives for businesses.

However, this Modified Ansoff Matrix presents nine alternatives which boil down into these four areas:

  1. Market Penetration is when the business tries to grow using its existing goods and services increasing product value from the customer’s perspective. For example, price adjustment, increase in promotion and distribution support, and product refinements.
  2. Market Development is the business expansion into new markets using its existing offerings. Through developing different customer segments, using of product technology to leverage in the new market, or diversifying the target market.
  3. Product Development is the reinvention or creation of new goods and services for the existing markets to achieve growth.
  4. Diversification is when the business introduces new offerings in new markets. However, the riskiest strategy because both product and market development are required. Basically, launching unproven goods and services into an entirely new market.

It helps analyze the risks associated in every quadrant. Each time the business move into a new quadrant (horizontally or vertically), the risk increases. Thus, it needs careful planning, testing, reevaluation, and reinvention. Hence, there are numerous business tools and frameworks available to help companies.

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