McKinsey 7S Diagram for PowerPoint

McKinsey 7S Slide Design for PowerPoint with Spoke Diagram

The McKinsey 7S Diagram for PowerPoint contains slide designs which are prepared to make presentations using the McKinsey 7S model framework. The template is specifically designed to help management analyze its relative position to its assigned objectives

By using the diagram, company management can assess different stages of goal attainment. These can be used to determine the effects of past events, the current state of the company, and the future consequences and benefits which can be gained from the various activities that the company has engaged in.

The 7S structure uses seven principal elements in order to analyze the company’s business model. These elements are structure, system, style, staff, skills, strategy, and shared values. These are classified into hard elements and soft elements. The presenter can discuss the range of the company’s involvement in any one of these elements. Management can then be used to evaluate the business strategy in accordance with the company’s vision.

First in the McKinsey 7S Diagram is Strategy. This involves the business’s initial planning strategies and techniques in relation to a specific issue. The presenter can then proceed to Structure, which refers to streamlining the structure of the organization itself. The third, Systems, involves the development of the methodology, such as the different processes and procedures involved. This is followed by Staff, which refers to the demographic of the manpower. Also included in the framework are Style and Skills. These refer to the abilities of the staff, and the leadership styles which are implemented to optimize these abilities. The last element in the framework are Shared Values. These are the driving, or guiding principles which can be found in the company culture.

Ideal for analyzing and restructuring the company procedures, the McKinsey 7S Diagram for PowerPoint can be utilized in comprehensive discussion about the company. These are important in business meetings involving the Board of Directors, and key corporate investors.

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