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Investors Pitch Incubator PowerPoint Template

The Investors Pitch Incubator PowerPoint Template is a deck of 13 must-have slide layouts for an investor’s pitch. The template follows the 500 Startups’ suggestions for pitching investors during the incubation phase.

An effective investor pitch’s importance lies in persuading the appropriate investors and stakeholders while incubating your emerging company. The individual investors or funding firms provide the seeding funds, also known as capital venture funds. Also, they provide their network of contacts that will become potential partners, clients, or new investors. With time, different agencies and business industries are launching supportive programs for startup organizations. 500 startups are examples of early-stage business funding or seeding. In short, the incubation application is crucial for the survival of any startup. And this template includes the layout that can help business professionals win such proliferative support from credible agencies and partners.

In this Investors Pitch Incubator PowerPoint Template, users can find all the essential components of an investor’s pitch. The slides have an interactive background color and engaging PowerPoint objects, which help visually explain the idea. Beginning from the 2-item, 3-item, and 4-item problem slides, the template shows the infographic slide for proposing the solution. Using these slides, the professionals can elaborate on the significant issues they are solving with their unique selling proposition (USP)

Then comes the Traction Slide with editable analytical graphs designed for revenue projections, e.g., monthly recurring revenue and annual run-rates. Next, the infographic slides show the pricing tiers, business model (working staff, the current value in the market and products, Etc.), and a step-by-step report of how the incubation will promote the overall growth. Competitors’ analysis data and market size can also be explained using the following slides after the business model. Lastly, professionals can propose a 3-year timeline plan using the editable timeline milestones. Users can also show their team members their titles, designations, and pictures on the Our Team slide.

The investor’s pitch template is 100% editable. Users can customize the color combinations of different PowerPoint objects within this template and their placement in simple steps. Hence, this PowerPoint template gives a full opportunity for the users to design custom investor pitches.

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