Flat Venn Diagram Intersection Icons

The Flat Venn Diagram Intersection Icons PowerPoint Template is a professionally designed Venn diagram model that consists a generic Venn diagram with three sets. Venn diagrams were invented in the late 1880s by John Venn as a way of easily demonstrating to audiences the logical relationships between seemingly unrelated ‘sets’ of different groups of things. This template is perfect of any professional presenter looking to illustrate to their audience the points at which three subjects, products or demographics meet on a spectrum.

This template offers a great visualisation tool that you can use in a variety of unique and interesting ways to illustrate to your lecture attendees the relationships between three sets or groups. It provides a simple means for professional PowerPoint presenters to create quality and intuitive graphics for their presentations and indicate relevant correlations between groups or illustrate the intersections between these groups. You might use this presentation template in school classes, university lectures, marketing seminars, business seminars or for any other reason. Some simple sets that you might consider using with this professional PowerPoint template to demonstrate the relationship between:

  • small and furry animals against large and scaly animals and medium flying animals
  • characters that are shared by the Latin, Greek and Cyrillic alphabets
  • three separate marketing demographics that you intend to market a particular product towards
  • the point at which responses from a random sample vox populi correlate

Like all of the professionally designed PowerPoint templates offered by SlideModel, this design is fully customizable and editable. All shapes, icons and text boxes are created from high quality clip art icons that are available in your own data bank, so you can customize this template to ensure that it meets your own specific requirements for your presentation. Super flexible, it’s great for all. Alternatively, you can download a 4 circle Venn diagram for PowerPoint.

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