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The Galbraith Star Model for PowerPoint – Organizational structures define the roles, responsibilities and flow of power in an organization. However, the Galbraith Star Model guides an organization in optimizing every part of its structure as a strategic move to realize its goals. This PowerPoint template is a readily available Galbraith Star Model that lets the presenter visually apply his or her interpretation of organizational management based on the Star Model principles. Once the presenter has drafted a Star Model concept, the next step is to simply fill out the templates with the draft. The time spent conceptualizing, designing and drawing a PowerPoint slide for this management model is saved. Instead, it is used to hone your Star Model draft and practice delivering your presentation. In fact, this PowerPoint template actually guides a presenter of what needs to be considered when creating Galbraith’s Star Model. This template is very straightforward and provides both the presenter and the audience some ideas about the structure.

Organizational structures are quite easy to change. Some companies tend to re-organize their structure with hopes of improved business outcomes. However, implementing these changes will only have real benefit to the company if it is done in alignment with the business’s goals and objectives. Therefore, in both creating a new structure and re-structuring an existing organizational model, the management needs to have a clear definition of its goals and objectives. In the Star Model, it’s considered a big part of the company’s strategy. Once these aspects of the business are defined, it has to be applied in the organizational structure. The company’s organizational structure has to be an effective reflection of its strategy. For example, how many departments does the business need? What do they do and how are they related to each other? The next step is hiring, training and developing the right people for its organizational structure. Another important aspect of the Star Model is the business processes. And lastly, the reward system is also in place to keep its people in line with the company’s goals.

Combine this powerful tool with the simplicity of our Organizational Charts, and describe a complete Organization Structure Change Process. Create igniting presentations about organizational design with The Galbraith Star Model  PowerPoint Template.

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