Proof of Concept Templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Instantly access 100% editable Proof of Concept Templates compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides. Our Proof of Concept Templates allow you to create professional presentations to demonstrate the viability of a project or idea of a potential product to be launched to the market. Proof of Concept PPT templates can also be used to develop a prototype or Minimum Viable Product.

When launching a new product or service to the market, it is essential to validate certain concepts and obtain insights that allow discoveries and improvements. In this way, Proof of Concept Templates seeks to be an ally and guide when creating a minimum viable product, launching it to the market and scaling it through new iterations and improvements.

Proof of Concept is generally known as POC or proof of principle. Our Proof of Concept templates for PowerPoint can be used as part of a product development process or when preparing a Go to Market Strategy. Check out our Free Proof of Concept Template.

What is a Proof of Concept?

The Proof of Concept, also known as POC, is sometimes referred as an excercise with the focus of determining if an idea is viable and can be turned into a reality. It is based on a pilot test where it aims to gather information about its result, comments from users and the team that carries it out. The Proof of Concept Templates is a tool to document and present the information obtained when applying this methodology.

What are the advantages of using a Proof of Concept?

In a Proof of Concept, extensive testing of a product or service is carried out, which provides a large amount of information that helps reduce risks when launching it to the market. At the same time, it saves time and resources, identifies problems and improvements in the product, and, most importantly, determines its viability in the market.

How to present a Proof of Concept Template?

The primary purpose of a Proof of Concept Template for presentations is to inform the audience about the tests performed on a certain product and persuade them about possible changes and improvements for the following stages of development. We recommend you provide information about the four main points of a proof of concept: design, usability, reliability, and functionality.

It is also important to present information about the value provided to users, core benefits and features. Finally, to generate an even more complete presentation, we recommend adding a Feedback Matrix where you can graphically present the user’s feedback have given about the product.

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