Consumer Needs PowerPoint Template

Generate a fact-filled presentation with useful diagrams and graphics with the Consumer Needs PowerPoint Template. The template design is useful for marketing plans and reports, as well as customer research practices, to identify certain consumer behavior patterns.

Consumer behavior determines which products are prioritized over another, starting with the basic needs of a typical client. These needs range from work, home, food, and clothes. These four basic needs affect a person’s buying behavior, therefore, directly affecting sales. A marketing team has to gauge the importance of certain products, in order to demonstrate a certain level of priority among a product line.

The template includes an overview slide, showing the four basic needs as compared to a fuel gauge symbol that can represent the need’s relative effect on product sales. The template has four remaining slides, which emphasize one need at a time so the presenter can focus on a single topic. The individual presentation lets the audience ample time to connect the four aspects of the presentation, gaining a general background of the topic.

The slide designs feature circular badges, with arrows indicating the movement of a certain element in response to another. The first slide contains four downward facing arrows, with a single upward arrow, showing the fuel gauge icon. The four downward arrows contain icons for work, home, food, and clothes. The four other slides feature one of the four icons. The arrows contain a text placeholder, as well as a percentage matching the other arrow in the slide. The equal values demonstrate the cause-and-effect movement of these elements.

The Consumer Needs PowerPoint Template is ideal for marketing reports that aim to compare specific statistical data concerning consumer needs, and matching them to the corresponding increase or decrease in sales, or the general economy. The PowerPoint objects can be manipulated and customized to suit the specifications of the presentation. The presenter can choose to download other customer needs PowerPoint templates from the Gallery.

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