Integrated Marketing Communications PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint Shapes for Integrated Marketing Communications
PowerPoint Flat Funnel Diagram Integrated Marketing Communications
PowerPoint Shapes of Television as Marketing Channel
PowerPoint Shapes Describing News as a Marketing Channel
PowerPoint Shapes of Radio as Marketing Channel
PowerPoint Word Cloud Around Integrated Marketing
PowerPoint Diagram of Integrated Marketing
PowerPoint Column Chart of Hexagonal Base
PowerPoint Template Four Arrows with Icons
PowerPoint Cycle of Integrated Marketing Communications
PowerPoint 3D Pie Chart
PowerPoint Spyral Pie Chart
PowerPoint Shapes for Tablet - Search and PPC
PowerPoint Shapes Featuring Community - Web Analytics and Online Reputation
PowerPoint Shapes Featuring Web Development - Video and Email Marketing
PowerPoint Shapes of Support and Maintenance
PowerPoint Shapes Referencing Affiliate Marketing, Local Optimization and Favorites
PowerPoint Clipart Featuring SiteMap Optimization, Inbound Marketing and Backlinks
SEO Shapes for PowerPoint Featuring On Page and Off Page
PowerPoint Shapes Featuring Website Promotion and Link Optimization
PowerPoint Clipart Featuring Viral, Indexing and Pagerank
PowerPoint Shapes of a Newspaper
PowerPoint Shapes about Digital Purchases
PowerPoint Diagram of Integrated Marketing Communication
PowerPoint Shape of Bullhorn with Marketing Words
PowerPoint Clipart featuring Different Smartphones
Integrated Marketing PowerPoint Word Cloud Black
Flat PowerPoint Icons Featuring Digital Marketing

Integrated Marketing Communications PowerPoint Template is a professional presentation which provides a set of Shapes, PowerPoint Icons and Diagrams featuring integrated marketing practices.

The term Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is used to reference the application of consistent brand messaging through different traditional and non-traditional marketing channels, applying different promotional practices to reinforce each other.

In the current digital era, Marketers are designing more sophisticated marketing campaigns across traditional marketing channels. This campaigns involve Retail, News, Television, Radio and static advertising, combined with digital marketing channels as websites, Search Ads, Banners, Backlinks, video and several online advertising options over Apps.

The user can find in this PowerPoint template Icons for Radio, TV, Events, News, Magazine, Communication Horn. The concepts of listening and observing, market research, consumer research, marketing idea, event calendar, marketing planning, effective strategies, community, team are mapped to shapes showing a working team. Also it provides metaphors for Marketing work as planning, coordination, collaboration, communicating, task managing, rules, goals, strategy, achievement, mastery, fun, level-up, idea, progress, appreciation, risks.

The user can find traditional retail POS shapes combined with digital purchases. Concepts as Amplified word of mouth can be described with the bullhorn shape and word clouds.

For Integrated content strategies the user can use the following Flat PowerPoint Icons

  • Touch screen
  • Web development
  • Social media marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • SEO
  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Pay per click
  • Backlink
  • Indexing keywords
  • Traffic
  • Places optimization
  • Pagerank
  • Community
  • Market automation
  • Content calendar
  • Video marketing
  • Viral marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Sitemap optimization
  • Website promotion
  • Web analytics
  • Email marketing
  • Social engagement

The User can combine traditional shop clipart with shapes representing modern digital marketing practices and create presentations that appeal to global audiences. Impress your audience with the Integrated Marketing Communications PowerPoint Template.

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