Marketing 7c Compass PowerPoint Model

PowerPoint Diagram of the 7Cs Compass Model
Flat Design Diagram 7Cs Marketing Compass Model
PowerPoint 7Cs Compass Marketing Diagram
7Cs Compass Marketing Mode for PowerPoint
PowerPoint Icons for 7Cs Compass Model
PowerPoint Icon Design Slide for Corporation Concept 7Cs Compass Model
Commodity Icon Design Slide for Marketing Compass Model 7Cs
PowerPoint Communication Icon Slide Design 7Cs Model
Cost Concept 7Cs Marketing Compass Model Icon Design
PowerPoint Icon Channel Slide 7Cs Compass Model
PowerPoint Icon for Consumer Concept of 7Cs Compass Model
PowerPoint Exclamation Icon Design Slide

Marketing 7c Compass PowerPoint Model is a professional presentation with a creative diagram of Koichi Shimizu’s Compass 7c Model for Marketing. The 7c Model was introduced as an extension of the 4c Marketing model. This models “C” letter is born in the eagerness of moving the traditional 4P’s and 6P’s Marketing mix model from the Productions focus to the Customer (or consumer) focus. In consumer oriented marketing mix, product becomes commodity, price becomes cost, place becomes channel and promotion becomes communication. This simple mapping of words created a a shift in marketing management thinking and strategy. Modern economies have shown this paradigm shift towards customer satisfaction as a priority.

The Marketing 7c Compass Model born to explain how successful marketing organization deal with economies of none or low growth. When economies are highly (or fast) growing producer focus on how to market their product, with focus on the product and the production, distribution and sale  chain. In low (or slow) growth economies, the marketing model that organizations (the successful ones) apply, is the one centered in the consumer, its needs, priorities and how to better communicate with it in a 360 channel.

Our Marketing 7c Compass PowerPoint Model is a professional representation of the Compass diagram with the concepts that describe the 7C’s:

  • Corporation
  • Consumer
  • Commodity
  • Cost
  • Communication
  • Channel
  • Circumstances
  • Confidence

Each Topic has a descriptive Slide with an Iconographic Clipart.

Each of the diagrams and clipart are created using PowerPoint Shapes, allowing the user to fully customize the diagram and its appearance.

Ideal for Marketing Lectures or for a deep Marketing Mix analysis, our Marketing 7c Compass PowerPoint Model will engage your audience with a string visual representation of the Marketing Concepts.



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