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In today’s era, the business world is totally dependent on digital media for overall growth and advancement. Online advertising and marketing funnel automation may seem complicated, but with the proper tools and techniques, in fact, it is an awesome platform for global visibility. Buying and selling have never been these easy and diverse.

Now, is running your business harder than it has to be? Need answers on how to kick your marketing funnel into high gear? Well, guess what, effective online advertising is the key. Consider this Content Marketing Sales Funnel PowerPoint Template as your guide in making a sales pitch.

Definitely, not having a framework structure creates difficulties in your business. It is easy for you to get lost in the competitive market. In this marketing funnel template, we cracked the “secret code” in driving in traffic and increasing sales in your business.

The 4 Stages of Marketing Funnel Automation:

  • Offer A Lead Magnet
  • Offer A Tripwire
  • Offer A Core Product or Service
  • Offer A Profit Maximizer

We know that thinking about market retargeting may cause you to break into a cold sweat. Well, business-to-business sales and business-to-consumer sales may vary on the type of product or service you offer. Though the framework remains the same, you’ll need to tweak and study your strategies towards selling. Be honest with your market, be compelling with your ads, and be innovative with your presentations. Probably, a SWOT analysis will help you along the way as you re-evaluate your business and your marketing strategies.

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