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4 Step Funnel Concept Design
4 Steps Sales Funnel Slide Design for PowerPoint
1st Funnel Step PowerPoint Slide

Use Funnel Design Concept for PowerPoint template to create attractive and unique sales and marketing funnel diagram presentations. The big fonts and colorful layers of the design are refreshing to the eyes. This can certainly stimulate positive activity from any audience.

Funnel charts illustrate the sales process and its many stages. The different stages have corresponding revenues. The number of stages differs from one user to another. The process starts with the quantitative value of the intended audience for a particular product. For example, chocolates are for all ages. This means that the audience for chocolates has a universal value. The next step is looking for leads or possible buyers. These are individuals that show interest to a product. After that is the negotiation phase and finally, an assurance that the customer will buy. The last part is the payment where the customer closes the deal and pays for the product or service.

This PowerPoint template is ideal for marketing analysis. It is a useful tool in planning for strategies and looking for boundaries between the sales processes. The user can utilize the diagram to predict the rate of deals. It can be used to present the sales process and management of the business to new members. The audience can visualize the effectiveness of a team or strategy on leading to a closed deal with clients.

Six creative slides compose the Funnel Design Concept for PowerPoint. The presenter can use the first slide as an introduction to the report. The 4 colored layers of the funnel can represent the 4 stages of the sales process. The second slide features arrows that point to a downward direction- the direction of flow of the diagram. The 3rd to 6th slides highlight every layer where the user can elaborate and cater questions from the audience.

Step up any marketing or production presentation with Funnel Design Concept for PowerPoint. Here is another layout- 4 Step Marketing Funnel Diagram for PowerPoint; downloadable from the SlideModel gallery.

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