Atom Shapes for PowerPoint

Atom Shapes for PowerPoint– Atoms are the smallest unit particles of matter. The name is derived from the Greek word “atomos” meaning uncuttable. John Dalton initially discovered the particle concept that is present within chemicals. Create amazing and comprehensive atomic structure presentations using Atom Shapes for PowerPoint.

The PowerPoint template is ideal with atomic research and science reporting projects. The slide designs can supplement broader presentations. They are perfect for chemistry and physics subject matters. Some specific topics that can find Atom Shapes for PowerPoint useful are electromagnetic force, elements, chemical bonding, nuclear fission and fusion, matter and quantum physics.

In the first slide, the user can see the atomic model with the axis of all its parts. There are 4 spheres orbiting the larger sphere in the center. The sphere in the center can represent the nucleus which is actually composed of the proton and neutron. The outer spheres can refer to electrons. In the second slide, the same model is shown together with corresponding text placeholders. The presenter can provide a brief description for every part. The 3rd slide features Neils Bohr’s model of an atom where the axes are displayed in flat circles. The fourth and fifth slides illustrate pictures that highlight each atomic part through color filter. The remaining slides are replicas of the 2nd-4th slides, exhibited in black background.

An atom is the base of quantum physics where its behaviour and detailed accounts of its existence are developed. The parts of an atom are the neutrons, protons and electrons. The neutrons (no charge) and protons (positively charged) are attached together, forming a nucleus or a center. The electrons (negatively charged) are found around the nucleus in an orbiting manner.

Catchy and professional, Atom Shapes for PowerPoint can capture global audiences. 3D Core Diagram for PowerPoint is a further molecular and atomic model downloadable from the SlideModel gallery.

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