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With the use of this Animated Eco-Friendly PowerPoint Template, the presenter can create interactive presentations that highlight the need for environment-conscious action from companies. The graphics and content can be best used to emphasize the growing appeal of renewable energies to support company sustainability.

The template makes use of the concept of global warming, and its effect on the environment. Normally, global warming is the natural cooling and warming of the earth due to certain events. In fact, it is the earth’s history of global warming is well-documented through preserved fossils and certain rock formations.

Nowadays, however, global warming is sped up by the greenhouse effect. This refers to the process wherein thermal radiation from the surface of the earth is absorbed by atmospheric greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide (also known as CO2), and is redistributed into the atmosphere. This results in a drastic and consistent increase in the overall temperature level of the earth. This modern, and extremely dangerous, aspect of global warming is attributed to the increased use of fossil fuels. These include fuels such as coal and oil, that which arise from the decomposition of the remains of plants and animals.

The results of global warming are disastrous. It has already decreased the production of world food. Rising temperatures means that formerly arable land become dry and infertile, not viable for planting important food sources. This, in turn, leads to higher food and energy prices, which, in turn, drive up demand for wood and other flammable materials, resulting in the greatly-diminished forest cover.

As a preventive measure for the continuing devastation, some companies have already begun to take up projects for social responsibility. They have begun conversion from fossil fuels to other types of renewable energy, such as windmills, Eolic energy, and thermal energy. Other technological forms have turned to Green IT projects, which aim to reduce electronic waste and make recycling more efficient for technological items.

The Animated Eco-Friendly PowerPoint Template uses clear, interactive infographics, which can be used to feature different statistical data relating to the presentation. The presenter can choose the best representation of his report from the slides, or even opt to download other templates from the Gallery, like the Flat Innovation Project PowerPoint Template.

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