Eco-Friendly Infographic PowerPoint Template

Eco-Friendly Infographic PowerPoint Template is a professional presentation featuring modern eco friendly Illustrations to create infographics. It can be applied in green subjects presentations or presentations for eco-friendly products. Produce slide designs that are both visually-appealing and incredibly informative. The neat, organized structure of the presentation allows the user to place important facts and figures in an engaging layout.

The PowerPoint template has a green color palette, and different clipart depicting eco-friendly symbols. Both of which make slides more interesting to view, and assert the environmental theme of the presentation.

Included in the template are different kinds of graphical representations. Some, like the windmill graphics, can be used as an alternative to bar charts. This unique way of presenting the data also provides context for the viewers, already giving them the idea that this set of bars is referring to something related to wind energy and renewable fuels.

A set of people icons can also be found in the template. There are thirty icons of this type, grouped together at the center of the slide. Five of these are colored differently from the rest. This graphic is commonly used to refer to percentages. For example, the presenter can state that five out of every thirty people use a certain kind of fuel. This information can be backed up by the additional icons and placeholders located in the slide.

Another notable feature of the PowerPoint template is a vector drawing of a tree, whose leaves are formed by three overlapping green circles of varying sizes. These circles contain the chemical symbols for oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide. This part of the presentation can be used to show the composition of the elements processed by trees and other plants, in order to maintain the balance in the ecosystem.

The Eco-Friendly Infographic PowerPoint Template can be applied in several environment-related presentations. It is most ideal for reports on current advances in the alternative fuel technology, as well as providing information relating to the state of fuel prices and related data. The content of the PowerPoint template, such as the graphics and placeholders, can be edited to become more suitable for the purposes of the presenter. The user can also download other PowerPoint templates to aid the presentation. Templates such as Environmental Icons for PowerPoint can be downloaded from the Slide Model Gallery.

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