Anatomy of Human Nervous System Slide Design for PowerPoint

Create a highly informative and academic presentation using the Anatomy of Human Nervous System Slide Design for PowerPoint. The detailed graphics and useful descriptions allow the presenter to show a professional presentation for medical analysis and biological education.

The human nervous system is widely considered as the most important biological system in the human body. It allows the movement of the limbs, retention of memory, regulation of involuntary reactions, and governs almost every other bodily function. By presenting this information, the management of a company – possibly specializing in pharmaceuticals and medical equipment – can evaluate its different projects and research to align with sound scientific studies. In addition, it informs members that are not medically inclined so that the team can have a common ground on the topic.

Using the presentation design, the user can highlight the different nerves involved in the nervous system. Additionally, the slides allow for the demonstration of two sets of nerves, namely, the sympathetic, and the parasympathetic nerves.  The available diagrams are useful for presenting the physical locations of these nerves, as well as their various uses and functions in the nervous system.

The PowerPoint template contains a detailed drawing of the nervous system, shown in three of the four slides. The first of these slides highlights the drawing in orange. This slide features the parasympathetic nerves that are related to rest and digestion. Minimalist vector icons can be found on both sides of the diagram. These icons represent different organs such as the stomach, the lungs, the heart, eyes, the large intestine, and the bladder. Beside these icons are descriptions of the effects on these organs, during the function of this specific set of nerve including the spinal nerve.

Another slide, representing the sympathetic nerves, contains the same diagram, but with additional icons. The icons and corresponding text placeholders reflect the effect of these nerves on the specific organs. One of the slides includes a gray version of the nervous system diagram. Brackets divide the nervous system into certain categories, such as cranial nerves, cervical nerves, thoracic nerves, lumbar nerves, and sacral nerves.

Perfect for medical demonstrations, the Anatomy of Human Nervous System Slide Design for PowerPoint contains creative PowerPoint icons that can be copied and pasted onto other slide designs for ease of presentation. The presenter can edit the position or arrangement of the PowerPoint icons depending on his preference. Any modification will not affect the image resolution of the design.

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