How to Remove Animations from PowerPoint and Google Slides

How To Remove Animations from PowerPoint and Google Slides

Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides share a feature called Animations and Transitions.
In some usage scenarios, playing animations is not necessary or appropriate due to time or viewing experience. For this reason, it would be wise to have a version of your presentation without animations. In this guide, we’ll show you how to remove animations from PowerPoint and Google Slides.

How to Remove Animations from PowerPoint

In PowerPoint, you can actually set an object or an entire slide for an animation. There are two methods to delete your animations; you can remove them individually or if there are multiple animations, you can remove them together. You can disable animations for your complete presentation.

Delete Animations by Object

To delete animations from each slide, you’ll have to do them one by one. Here’s how you can do it:

1- Head to the Animations Tab

Animation Tab PowerPoint Ribbon

2- Highlight or choose the object that has the animation. Each animation will be numbered.

select animated object to remove animation
Select animated object to remove animation

3- On the reel of different animations, select None. This will eliminate the animation on the selected object.

remove animation in powerpoint
Remove animation in PowerPoint

Delete Animations via Animation Pane

The animation pane lists all of your animations on a specific slide. This will enable you to see all animations and pick multiple animations that you want to remove. Follow these steps:

1- Go over the slide that has multiple animations.

2- Click the Animations Tab.

3- Select Animations pane; it is on the Advanced Animation group.

4- Once clicked, It will appear on the right side of your window.

5- You will now see all of the applied animations in the current slide. To choose multiple animations, hold Ctrl+Left click on all animations.

Animation Pane PowerPoint Templates
Animation Pane PowerPoint Templates

6- Click the down arrow, then select Remove.

Animation Pane Remove Animations menu.
Animation Pane Remove Animations menu

Now you have removed multiple animations on one slide.

Disable All Animations in PowerPoint

Follow these steps for deleting all animations at once:

1- Go over the Slide Show tab.

2- Choose Set Up Slide Show.

Set up Slideshow Ribbon PowerPoint
Set up Slideshow Ribbon PowerPoint

3- A popup window will appear. Tick the checkbox next to Show without animation.

Show without animation pop up window
Show without animation pop up window

4- Click OK.

Your presentation is now free of all animations. To bring them back, just go through the steps above and untick the checkbox.

Disable Transitions in PowerPoint

The other feature that provides cinematic features are the transitions. In order to disable transitions follow this steps:

1- In the Thumbnail section , select the slide you want to remove the transition.

2- Click in the Transitions Ribbon menu.

transitions menu powerpoint
Transitions menu PowerPoint

3- You will see the current transition used by the slide (in the example bellow, Morph). Click the None Transition option.

4- If you want to delete the transitions of all slides, just move to the right in the ribbon section and click the Apply to All option.

powerpoint transitions apply to all
PowerPoint transitions apply to all

How to Remove Animations in Google Slides

Removing animations and transitions in Google Slides is a similar process to the one described for PowerPoint.  In Google Slides, Animations are called “Motions

Disable Motions by Slide

1- In the Thumbnail section, select the slide.

2- Move to the View menu and select Motion. The motion panel will appear to the right of the working space.

open motions tab in google slides
Open motions tab in Google Slides

3- In the motion panel there is a subtitle “Object Animations”, select each animation one by one and click the trash can icon to delete the animation.

remove animations in google slides
Remove animations in Google Slides

Important: Google Slides does not provide a way to delete all animation events of a slide at once. For this, there is a little trick:

  1. Select all elements of the slide (click in the slide then Ctrl-A or Cmd-A)
  2. Then Group all the elements (click Ctrl-Alt-G or Cmd-Alt-G)

In this way animations of the slide will disappear.

Disable Transitions in Google Slides

Transitions however in Google Slides are basic; you can also remove them with ease. Just follow these steps:

1- Choose the slide that contains the animation you want to remove. Usually, animations with slides have a logo of stacked circles under the slide number.

remove animations in google slides
Select slide on Google Slides

2- Right-Click and select Transition.

select transitions in google slides
Select Transition in Google Slides

3- Click the dropdown menu with the name of your transition, then select None.

Remove transitions from Google Slides
Remove transitions from Google Slides

That’s how you can remove transitions from one slide. Note that you can also remove transitions from all sides by following the steps above then clicking the Apply to all slides button.

Important Consideration

When you disable animations or transitions in a slide or in a full presentation, you need to take into account how the slide will look at the end. Make sure you trigger a slideshow and you check the final result. This is because some designs use animations to hide or show layers that might break the visual appearance of the slide.


Why would I want to remove animations from my presentation?

Removing animations can make your presentation simpler and more professional, reduce distractions, ensure compatibility across different devices, and improve performance on older hardware. It can also be necessary when time is limited or when presenting to audiences who may prefer a straightforward delivery.

Is there a quick way to remove all animations from a slide in Google Slides?

Google Slides does not provide a built-in way to delete all animations simultaneously. However, you can use a workaround:
– Select all elements on the slide (Ctrl+A or Cmd+A).
– Group all elements (Ctrl+Alt+G or Cmd+Alt+G).
This action will remove all animations from the grouped elements.

What should I consider before removing animations or transitions from a presentation?

Before removing animations or transitions, consider how they will affect your presentation’s visual and informational flow. Some designs rely on animations to reveal or hide elements, and removing them may impact your slides’ overall effectiveness and clarity.

How can I ensure my presentation looks good after removing animations?

After removing animations, preview your presentation in Slide Show mode to ensure it still looks good. Check that all content is visible and that the flow of information is logical and clear without the animations.

Can I re-enable animations and transitions after removing them?

Yes, you can re-enable animations and transitions by adding them back manually. For PowerPoint, use the Animations and Transitions tabs. For Google Slides, use the Motion panel and Transition options.


Those are all the solutions you need to know on removing or deleting animations from both PowerPoint and Google Slides. These quick methods should be able to help you in your future presentations; whenever you’ll need to remove some or just disable all of them, this guide has you covered.

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