How To Convert a Google Slides Presentation to a Video

All our hard work in crafting compelling presentations can be reused in multiple ways. One of the methods is to publish the presentation in a video format via social media. This article will teach us how to convert a Google Slides presentation to a video format.

Before starting converting the slides to a video

As the starting point of this tutorial, we will use the Superhero PowerPoint Template. Open the template in Google Slides format before going to the first step.

Once opened, the template should look like this.

Presentation to convert to a video
Starting point for our tutorial

Accessing Creator Studio

We will use a very interesting add-on called Creator Studio. You can either work with a trial version or upgrade for a full license since it offers monthly and yearly plans.

Go to Add-Ons > Get Add-Ons

Finding the Google Slides Add-Ons section
Finding the Google Slides Add-Ons section

In the new window, search for “Creator Studio”

Locating Creator Studio Add-On
Locating Creator Studio Add-On

Click on the first icon, Creator Studio by Digital Inspiration. That’s the add-on we need to download. Then click on Install.

Installing Creator Studio in Google Slides
Installing Creator Studio

Convert a Google Slides Presentation to a Video with Creator Studio

With all our tools ready, we go to Add-ons > Creator Studio. In there you can see plenty of options available.

Convert a Google Slides Presentation to a video with Creator Studio
  • Create a GIF is to create an animated image, compatible with most web browsers these days.
  • Create a Video is the most popular option for this plugin and the one we will use. 
  • Create a SlideCast sync your presentation with your YouTube account to directly stream it over there. You can even add timestamps if required.

Click on Create a Video. A new panel should open over the right side after the “Working” message completes its cycle.

First, add the desired width for the video (by default, 300px), then the time that will go in between slides (interval in seconds). 

Settings for Creator Studio to convert a Google Slides presentation to a video
Settings for creating a video out of the slides

The Export Format should be Video File (MP4). Click on Go to start the conversion process. The end result is as shown below.

downloading a converted Google Slides presentation to a video
Download option for video + playing it on media player

Download your video by clicking on the arrow close to Video File (MP4). You can test the video in any player.

Last but not least, there’s a very interesting option: Video with Audio. This allows us to upload an MP3 file for the video, either that being an audio recording explaining the slides or just ambiance music for the presentation.

adding audio to the converted video presentation
Add audio track to the video

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