How to Add a Video to Google Slides

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Embedding videos in presentations effectively summarize lengthy and complex topics in minutes. Popular presentation platforms like PowerPoint provide video embedding options to help cater to this essential need, and Google Slides is no exception.

How to Add a YouTube Video to Google Slides

YouTube is the most frequently used video streaming platform for embedding videos in presentations. There are two different methods by which you can embed a YouTube video in a Google Slides Theme.

To insert a Video in Google Slides, go to Insert > Video.

Inserting a video to a Google Slides presentation via the Insert menu
Example how to insert video into Google Slides presentations

Search and Add a Video from YouTube

A dialog box will appear with three options to embed a video. The first option enables searching and adding videos directly from YouTube. Add the video title or relevant keywords, click the video thumbnail, followed by Select to add it to your current slide.

search & add video from YouTube to Google Slides
Add a Video to Google Slides

Insert Video from YouTube via URL

The URL tab is the second method to embed a YouTube video in Google Slides. While the Search tab also enables adding videos via URL, it is mainly meant to search and add relevant videos from YouTube, whereas the URL tab enables adding a video from a specific URL.

inserting a YouTube video into Google Slides from URL
Example on how to add video to Google Slides presentations

Once the YouTube video is added to Google Slides, you can adjust the video playback settings from the right sidebar to automatically trigger the video to play on click or allow it to be played manually.

video playback options in Google Slides
Inserting video into Google Slides

Other customization options include the ability to mute audio, start the video from a specific point (e.g., after 10 seconds), add the size, rotation, and position of the video, and to a add drop shadow effect.

starting a video from a specific time in Google Slides
Embed video in Google Slides

To preview the video, run it as a slideshow or click on it directly from within the slide deck to play and preview it.

a YouTube video embedded into Google Slides presentation
How to Insert a Video into Google Slides

How to Add a Video to Google Slides from Google Drive

If you need to add a video to your slides that is not on YouTube, it can be added via Google Drive. If there are multiple videos, you might want to place them in a single folder according to a naming convention for ease of identification. To add a video from Google Drive to Google Slides, open your Google Drive account, go to a folder or directly select New > File Upload.

uploading a video to google drive

Once the video file is uploaded, make sure you remove the restrictions, especially if you need to share the presentation. To do this, right-click on the uploaded video and select Share.

share google drive video

Go to the slide in Google Slides where you intend to add the Google Drive video and select Insert > Video.

insert a video from google drive into google slides

Remove restrictions and make the video viewable via the sharing link.

removing restrictions from a video uploaded into google drive

Go to the Google Drive tab, click the video thumbnail, and select insert the video.

selecting a video from google drive to insert into google slides

Once the video is added, you can adjust the playback options, size, rotation, position, and drop shadow. Videos embedded from Google Drive can take a while before they become available for playback. The rendering time would depend upon the size and length of the video.

video playback options for inserted video in google slides

In this article, we have explained how to insert videos in Google Slides, but if you use PowerPoint, we recommend reading our article on how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint to make your presentations more engaging. Google Slides allows the embedding of videos from YouTube and Google Drive. However, copyright-protected videos cannot be embedded from YouTube, and the rendering time for a video uploaded to Google Drive can be significantly high. If you’re uploading videos to Google Drive, make sure you upload them in advance to allow enough time for them to be ready for playback by the time you begin your presentation.

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